The Moving on Syndrome

Oh, moving on, letting go and starting afresh: it yields beautiful results and sometimes makes the problem completely go away (not the smartest solution but it certainly helps). But sometimes, you see, moving on can be downright unpalatable and even obnoxious.

The media is notorious for having a short memory span when it comes to reporting stories: they even choose stories which would have maximum impact on the readers; the usual rapes and murders without a twist are commonplace for them. Yes, they have a business to run and money to make but what about humanity? And what about these people? They are just numbers, of course.

Moving on (pun intended) to the stories that are reported: with thousands of newspapers and social media, they can hardly avoid exposure or print. The killing of innocents in Gaza or Syria or even the plight of the Lebanese refugees is written about so often that we have become immune to the numbers; it does not even evoke heartache or sympathy anymore. I can’t help but mention the gruesome rapes that have been reported in India recently. It is humanly impossible to describe the emotional effects of the notorious Delhi Gang Rape case; there was not a female alive who didn’t cry for her. But, after all is said and done; what can the readers do but read, sympathize and move on?


Hell on Earth

We were designed to move on; to deal with pain, loss and failure: the dog we loved, the last job we hated, the ex who never stopped humiliating you, the son who abandoned the family, the family home which was sold, the best friend who moved on. And some situations would be unbearable without this ability: death of a loved one, a failed marriage or loss of a child. Apparently, we have uncanny resilient powers to always bounce back; stronger. But we have lousy humane powers.

Can’t we, together; do anything about this crumbling world and not just move on when we read about millions dying everywhere. Why is the situation in Syria still the same after three years of warring? Is nobody seeing or even listening? Why is the Gaza conflict reopened again and again? Notwithstanding, the past and its problems this is not about who is right or wrong but about humanity and people. The gruesome rapes and sexual attacks can’t continue like this. All this depravity and debauchery has to end but who will find ‘the end’? Surely, not the present state of affairs……

Will we ever wake up? Or is this an eternal sleep of oblivion?




What do you think ?

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