The Pilot Post!

I am a law graduate ( graduated a few months ago) , like everybody else i knew what i was doing when i started law school. I was supposedly one step ahead and had my career mapped out to the last detail. Then, life happened or shall i use a euphemism and say that i grew up!

In my last year of law school, I realized that i did not want to do anything I had mapped out infact I was clueless about what I even wanted for dinner sometimes (No kidding)! Then I graduated and I was more clueless than ever… I wanted to travel, write about things I am passionate about ( which ranges from anthropology to books to music to metaphysics and yes also world peace) and work for social organizations. In a parallel world, all these things might be possible to do and even together but the real world does not give that much leverage I realized.

But then it hit me.. I can do all these things if I want to and yes all of them can be done together. With this blog, I will share my travels, vicarious and real ones. My social organization escapades and yes, my books..

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will!!!!!!